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SNES Mini Classic : All You Need To Know

June 26th 2017

All fans of the classic SNES machine were rejoicing when Nintendo announced 2 weeks after E3 that they were releasing the follow up to the incredibly successful NES Mini Classic ; in the shape of the SNES Mini Classic system.
The Nintendo Classic Mini : Super Nintendo Entertainment system, or Snes Classic Mini, will be a smaller self contained version of the greatest consoles of all time. It will come with 21 pre installed games including the elusive un-released Star Fox 2.

Update – Pre Orders on Nintendo store and Amazon now sold out. Nintendo opened up orders on the 27 June, limiting one console per customer when it completely sold out in minutes. However, Nintendo have promised that they are planning on making “siginificantly” more SNES Classic Mini’s than they did with the very popular NES classic version.
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SNES Classic Mini – UK Price Details.
The SNES Classic Mini has been priced at £69.99 at the Nintendo store, so most other websites such as Amazon etc will most likely stock it around the same price when it is on general release. The increase in price is due to the fact the SNES mini classic will have two controllers being bundles with the system this time round.
Games List for SNES Classi Mini
While the NES Classic mini contained a whopping 30 games, the SNES Classic mini will come complete with 21 games, and as mentioned previously will include the un-released Star Fox 2 .
In our next blog we will be listing all the games that will come complete with the SNES Classic Mini, and will also talk about the street date for not only the UK and Europe but in the US as well.

Expect plenty of more details on this amazing release all gamers have been waiting for soon.